Öz & Öz Law Office was established by Atty. Hüseyin Öz, and Atty. Fatma Ferda Aktürk Öz in 2000.

It maintains to be in service with its personnel cadre which consists of expert, dynamic, solution oriented, and working selflessly professionals. Also, it has reached an extensive client portfolio in a short time.

Öz&Öz Law Office; which has operated both in Turkey and in international areas, and has provided service to its clients that are respectable, and well-known people on their branches for many years; provides legal service, and consultancy to its local and foreign clients both in English and in Turkish today.

Öz&Öz Law Office are effectively in service on these areas mainly:

Juristical Consultancy
Case, Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution
Company Law
Law of Contracts
Radio, Television, Communication, and Media Law
Intellectual Property Law
Competition Law
Law of Foreigners
Real Property, and Rental Law
Consumer Law
Labour Law and Social Insurance Law
Administrative Law, Taxation Law, and Custom Law
Probate and Inheritance Law
Debt Enforcement, and Bankruptcy Law